Photos from Gavin Canute's post

Began the build part of the build today. Everything looked good as far as the gearbox goes. Didn't look like much wear. I'd say the po took time to get the gearbox right and skimped on the crank. Also got rid of the Phillips heads with the drum bearing holder and used Allen head screws. Worked nice.

  • gear is in good position

  • That's the same way I put the roller bearings back in. The only difference is that I used a wide rubber band.

  • That's where I got the idea thanks Mike Bova. Didn't have a hand free with the zip tie but once got the 'pinching the roller in the cage straight' perfected was a breeze.

  • I just used assemly lub to keep them in place

  • Sure is Faysal. All of them have little if no wear.

  • Started doing that but was getting spider web assembly lube everywhere.