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There is something wrong with my suzuki gsxr600. When I turn it on a stinky black smoke comes out of the exhaustor and it doesn't stay on for more than 20 min. It won't start again unless I charge the battery for hrs. It seems like something is sucking up the juice. What can be wrong? The battery is new.. Could it be the stator? Thanks everyone!

  • Sounds like you had an electrical short.. which is grounding out your bike and draining the battery. Follow the melted plastic grasshopper.

  • If you have black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe you have bigger issues to deal with.. unless they've started building these 2 stroke... also, funny your asking VTwin guys about a crotch rocket haha

  • There fun to play with, but cruise I'll take my shadow

  • Hi Glaudistoni, I think you'll have better luck on the forum I posted. Check it out, they can help you.

  • Your problem is ITS NOT A HONDA

  • I agree the problem is it is not a HONDA,

  • Alas, to receive the correct answer, you must bring us, a shrubbery!