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Help with cases.

So I have a K1 engine case, and would like thoughts on repairing these two points...kick shaft mount and countershaft bearing.

Kick shaft could be welded and tapped, but may also need the shaft bore rebored?

Countershaft bearing, not sure... maybe doesn't even matter?

Other choice is to use another lower case from a different engine.

I've read differing opinions here. Some say the cases must be matched? But I think they are only really clamping the bearings in place, so shouldn't matter?

  • I was lucky my countershaft was cracked and was able to fill up with jb weld. It's pretty soft stuff very pourous and very hard to weld up with oil n stuff in the aluminium. I've seen others mixing and matching cases on different forums.

  • Yep - use a different lower. I won't tell.

  • the cases have different part numbers and are sold seperately so should be ok to use odd cases