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    Morning morning.

    So, I've made 1 engine out of 2.

    I was hoping to have it running today.

    I don't have new seals for the kick starter or gear lever.

    Are these hard to replace with the covers on, or should I wait and put the seals in with the covers off.

    • Just noticed that your gear stopper arm isn't aligned correctly mate

    • Not sure what you mean ??

    • No prob doing them with covers on.

    • The stopper/detent arm isn't sitting down in the star Greg

    • I see what you mean.

      It's got rub marks from the back of the gear.

      Thanks, that would have been a nightmare.

    • Thanks Will.

    • That's not sitting right

    • And seals you can just use a pick to get them out when engine is together