• Photos from Guadlupe H Hernandez's post

    looks like a good source of info, happy to join.


    mair plastics

    clark gas tank

    skid plates

    ceet seat.




    runs like it should, pulls hard, and i love it.

    • I bet. My buddy had one he said was "race ready" n I lost him before I hit 4th gear. Broke his heart

    • i need to either gear down in the rear, or get taller tires in the back. what do u suggest? i have 20/11/9 in the back with 44T, and i think 15T in the front. i do mostly trail trail riding. (logging roads) i want the rpm's to come down if i could.

    • I'd go bigger tires. That's what I do on mine . Think mine are 22's I'll check n let u know

    • Had a buddy ride my 350 after riding his warrior and he couldn't believe his fast mine was

    • *How*

    • Stock sprockets are 13 40 with 22 inch tires

    • Not to step on any toes but yes Sean that is the stock sprockets but stock tires are 20x10x9

    • well it seems i have some changing to do. maybe try the 13T 40T with the tires i have, and if i dont like it go to a taller tire. just like i thought a good source of info. whats the top speed to a stock 350x ?

    • 60-63 mph