• Photos from Guy Davey's post

    For those who wanted some more pics...hope they give you some ideas guys.....cheers enjoy you're rebels

    • That's one badass rebel!!!

    • Fantastic!

    • Quite lovely.

    • Ok so how or where did you get that seat???

    • my old mit,,,took it apart then my mate stitched it to fit the pan ,,brass rivets then leather shoe lace ,,drilling throught the leather and the pan ,,every quarter inch,,,lot of patience to get an awesome original seat ,,,cool eh

    • This whole bike is amazing and one of a kind well done that seat though has me in awe and now I hate my own so time to redo it but nothing I come up with is as good as that so I'm at a loss right now..

    • Adam Young la rosa do some great seats but for me there exspensive since my budget was very low as im in the middle of a flat track scramblet honda hornet,,so this was done on the cheap,,my upholsterer was admitingly scratching his head when i produced the mit and idea,,but we all like a challenge eh,,im sure youl come up with something special,,best of luck ,thx for the posotive comments