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Friends, after much suffering with leaks, bought a new kit Vesrah specific together to CB F2. I want to do everything right not to have more problems. I realized that the cylinder gasket presents different format from the engine block format. I suspect that the oil comes up through these holes left by the gasket, rising by nails and ending in the head, which always leaks through the fins near exhaustion. can anyone tell me if this influences on my problem? Sorry for the English

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  • He'lio change the stock head/barrel studs to heavy duty one's . You can get a bit more tension on them . The stock studs tend to stretch.

  • Helio, read this link.

    It goes through what you need to do to have a leak free top end.

  • You dont have an f2 head on a k motor do you

  • Look at the bottom of the barrels and see where the extra o'rings should be. It's obvious. Only F2 has them. The gasket kit is too universal. Number 6 in picture = o'ring 5.5mm x 3mm. Post a good clear picture of the bottom of your cylinder assy, and I'll show you where they go.

  • already read about it now understood everything ... that link the man explained well on the rings of the prisoners, since the clippings on the board he did not say anything. but I think I came to a conclusion about the problem that many suffer!

  • I distinguish as the head of K to F 2 ??? cylinder already learned to identify. my cylinder is yes F @ ja head know not identify .....

  • mine is identical to that!

  • Does the oil run out when the bike is running if so then you probably have a f2 head on a k bottom and the head requires modifaction for the oil to vome from where you say it is this or cam carriers yo head sesls

  • Bingo!!! Thank you friends, now I understand the difference between F2 and K models, understand the problem and come to a solution !!!! see !!!! ell...

  • The orings mentioned above go where indicated by the arrows. Possibly on the other side too. I can't see because of the angle of your picture.

  • Helio, while your engine is apart both of your cam chain rollers shoud be changed out. The one in the photo is in poor condition.

  • Yes definately!

  • I changed the chain rollers last time. I realized that they have premature wear ...

  • You need to use new ones. Second hand ones will be hard and just break up, like the one in the picture. Also don't over-tighten the tensioner, as this will wear them out too soon.

  • Hélio, mandei mensagem aceita aí. Sorry guys just tying to help him in a different language.

  • Ok!!!!

  • not received request...

  • Whatsapp 55 44 91838586 ou poste na minha time line... Thanks!!!!