• Photos from Harlo Watkins's post

    Just put on the wax that victory makes for flat and satin paint and it turned out nice !

    • I've seen your bike somewhere before and it's really inspiring me to redo my 750. How did you do all the artwork?

    • Hand painted with house of color pinstriping paint

    • Very nice

    • What type of brush did you use and did you use a flat or a satin clear over it?

    • Multiple pinstriping brushes and no clear on the paint it's made for striping so it's tuff. Been on for four years with no issues

    • Great

    • Sweet, thanks. Just one more question: I see a lot of bikes deleting all the electronics off the handlebars, I can handle the rewiring, but where did you get your throttle housing so I can do that?

    • Them hard krome exhaust sounds good, I bet. Put some on my 750 sounds awesome

    • https://m.facebook.com/profile .php?id=521387593 I bought the throttle from this guy . He is extremely knowledgable and will help a fellow jap guy out whenever he isn't rockin peoples face off on tour. He ownes and operates Tjbrutalcustoms.com so please check it out and support guys who build cool parts for a good price