• Photos from Hein Zwill's post

    Here is the new winter project. What should I do to make it cool?

    • Lose the sissy bar and rack. Install CB 400 F low bars. Clean it up. Tune it. New rear shocks. Change fork oil and seals.

    • That way? Do you have a pic for the CB400 low bar?

    • Sell it and buy a Kawasaki! Oops.

    • Good Idea but not good enoug!

    • Better into the carb cleaner

    • What a job to rebuild the aircleaner. I am lucky. I don't have to build that thing in again.

    • I have a Black Windjammer V that would look great on a Red bike!

    • Thats the status today

    • The special loop is in and the seat for testing on

    • A long way to buils a caferacer