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With or without? Wind screen...

Oh yearh, I also mounted new mirrors :)

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  • I like the wind on my face. Them again I live in San Antonio where it gets 100+f in the summer.

  • For looks, I like it without. But riding a long distance, it's nice to have. Saves your arms and cuts down wind noise too. AND, you can smoke behind it, well, I do on mine.

    I like those mirrors.

  • Without. If I was that worried about bugs and such I would be in a car.

  • Without.

  • 100% agree

  • Windshield really helps in long trip. Without your neck hurts and the rain blows directly on you so as the bugs. Sory my bad english (y)

  • vendes el parabrisas ?

  • No jose, solo mostraba que proteje de los bichos

  • With!!!

  • Without. Keep neosporin handy. No rebel should have a windshield.

  • Besides, chicks dig scars :) lmao!