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My beast is gonna have this tires....Im thinking thats good tires for storm....Any info? What do u think about this pilot 4?

  • What sort of cost are a pair of these in the uk? Just for comparison to my local fitters

  • I paid £100 from Sportsbikeshop for a front and 10 quid to the local the place for fitting. I did take my wheel off though and took it to them with the tyre. Rear is around 130 iirc plus fitting. Probably 250 all in.

  • I got my last rear for 88 delivered. You should use openeo

  • cool cheers chaps

  • I'm putting my Storm back on the road asap, off to see a guy about fitting my MCCT's this week, then MOT, give it a service, check the tyres, it hasn't been ridden for 2 years, its been garaged so hopefully the tyres may be ok for this year then replace them next year. eek

  • Go easy for the first few hundreds miles. Those rubbers will need a few heat cycles before they are fully pliable. You may need a Carn clean too, pilot jets a circuit may be gummed up with old fuel.

  • is that to me chap? Ive had the tank off for a few months as I was going to have a go at them myself but just aint finding the time, Im going to drain the carbs and tank, refill with fresh fuel and see how things go. I hope the tyres will be ok for this year but not sure yet.

  • Best tyres I'll be having them on my storm. You only need a few miles to scrub them in I put some on my mille scrub them in going to the vic in coalville 13 miles, and i had the misses on the bike

  • Wit woo! Sexy rubber!

  • Excellent tyre for all road conditions.

  • I agree with all the others. I have them on both my road bikes. Plain and simply, they're "awesome".