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Woooooo, bike in the kitchen. Too cold outside to work. Exited!!!

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  • How much louder than the maggot are they?

  • Incredibly louder than the maggot. Without baffle it's insane. My ear hurts, like you have to see it to believe it. I honestly think it's too loud. But getting the baffles back in will be a cunt

  • You need to get a video up Jack. Can't wait to hear this, lol.

  • Will get one tomorrow lol

  • Just make sure you get yourself some plugs. Tinitus isn't fun, and neither is permanent hearing loss. It's hard to look cool when you're constantly going 'WHAT DID YOU SAY?' I know of which I speak (hence why I always wear plugs with my loud pipe)

  • ... on short journeys (like a mile of so), sometimes I don't bother - the noise is just toooo nice :)

  • I have loads, local motorcycle shop gives them out for free

  • :) I 'borrow' from work

  • Hope ur ready for that son of a bitch

  • It's loud