• Photos from Jack Dempsey's post

    Got the top to a new modern LED streetlight

    • It would be so illegal, but it really puts out some power lol! I doubt it would be do-able anyway, wonder if Gavin or Aaron or anyone could confirm if it could be done? Lol it would also look stupid as fuck

    • Just saying, I wouldn't do it. Just curious to as if it could be done? Just plugs in like a toaster

    • Yh but at least people see you coming through lol

    • Yeah and blind them LOL

    • Like car drivers who drive in lit streets with high beam on blinds ya

    • How big is it? looks to be about 2 foot square, lol

    • Steve I'm not sure I will measure it tomorrow, it's a led street lamp lol

    • You could use it as a big-ass underglow kit, lol

    • Put down whatever you're smoking mate, it's a bad idea

    • As aerodynamic as a barn door. I think you'd find it's not very focussed, hence it wouldn't be very bright where you wanted it (i.e. about 10-60m ahead). Plus is would need a dc line from the reg-rec.