Photos from Jack Dempsey's post

New lid

  • I want it

  • Looks like the fly, I like it.

  • Got the black visor for it too

  • Liking the colours :) they definitely had some good deals on helmets there this year.

  • Couldn't believe he sold me a 2015 for £85 less than retail!

  • Such a good prices! I managed to order a Shoei for £150 less than in any of my local shops ;D

  • Everything is always cheaper at shows!

  • When's the next show and where

  • Well it probably won't be on at ExCel till this time next year, NEC Birmingham is the one you really wanna go to, but dunno when that's on.

    Tokyo Motor show looks good good too, but that's in Japan :/

  • Gutted I couldn't go. NEC isn't till Nov I think