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Anyone wanna buy a Yoshi Rs9 slip on? The Rs9 badge on the front has been blasted off and there is a slight scratch in the carbon on the right hand side. No baffle. Going cheap. Best offer takes it

%d comments
  • half a bag of haribo?

  • £50

  • shit i've been outbid... i'll raise you fresh family size pack of haribo, and a half eaten mars bar

  • How about 2 bags of haribo and a while mars bar

  • i cant match that..... and for that reason... I'm Out!

  • How much

  • That's right back away

  • Derek Talburt

  • What about 2 twix's?

  • I'm out again

  • Hahah

  • Was that you I saw along Brighton sea front on Friday? Like 5.20 ish

  • If I had extra cash atm.. I'll prolly try n shorten my stock first idk

  • Yep

  • How much

  • Do a bargain deal... 2 quid posted

  • He's in UK mate ;)

  • 100 usd...20.00 usd for shipping (PayPal to America mate)