• Photos from Jack Dempsey's post

    New chain, oil, flush mounts and put the mnnthbx back on. Need another tail tidy I think!

    • <3 that exhaust

    • Cheers bro. Forgot how fucking loud it was

    • Jack where did you get the clear rear lens for the brake light?

    • Think it was an eBay job mate

    • I want that exhaust

    • I think you should try to hear one before you buy it :') it's not for everyone

    • If it's loud, obnoxious and attracts the attention of the bacon it's definetley for me

    • Jack Dempsey Osborne this doesn't fit with the tyga long bellypan does it? I'm about to order s raft of new bits, including this Zorst. Need to make sure the new bellypan fits

    • I would highly doubt it fits the long belly pan. It fits the Tyga short though :)

    • What type of handle bars you have on your bike?

    • Area 22 fat bars with clamps