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Tyga Low Mount fitted

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  • Video?

  • It's coming

  • Mine fits fine Lee Cairns

  • How ya getting on with that stunt cage do you bang your knees or is it out of the way ???

  • I'm only 5' 7 and it's fine for me

  • Ok cheers

  • I can't decide if it looks cool, or just looks like a trumpet.

  • Loving the pipe!!!!!

  • Would love to hear it. Post video when ready!

  • Video is up

  • Where you get this from Jack Dempsey Osborne?

  • Richard Partridge

  • Gavin Greenall

  • Jordy Byker

  • Looks like a sexy trumpet

  • No plans to do a carbon one as it will get messed up to quick due to the road crap

  • Would be me members get them at £256.50 including uk delivery

  • Exactly what I thought, but the carbon tip sets it off and sounds great

    Why did I buy my carbon on a few week ago I should of waited

  • That's a mint price, can't afford it at the minute as I've got two holidays to save for but after those holidays I'll be sure to get in touch!

  • Just give me a shout when you are ready