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Need some help. Putting my 88 shadow 600 vlx back together.

I purchased an eBay ignition switch to replace my broken stock one. Says it fits "88-07 vlx 600"

The electrical plugs are different. Every wiring diagram I can find is using one plug.

Mine had a little plug (as shown in the black and white photo) containing a brown and brown/white wire.

Also the large plug has male pins in it.

The ignition I got from eBay. And every other ignition I can find online only has the one large plug. The pins are female on these plugs.

I can't find the correct wiring diagram for my 88 to even try and figure it out

Any advice is appreciated

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  • There's a fella in here that's a wiz with the wiring on these, I forget his name, but he'll see this and he should have you covered. Good luck man, that engine looks good!

  • Thank you!

  • How'd you do the engine like that

  • I plugged and duct taped all openings and sandblasted the whole engine. Then sprayed a 2k epoxy primer, then a 2k single stage high gloss black - wet on wet.

  • Where area you located

  • Ontario Canada lol

  • How many coats of color? 3?

  • 2 wet coats

  • Repair Manual for 88 VLX600 now in "Files". Free to download. Should have the correct wiring diagram

  • Thanks Larry! I'll be sure to check it out