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Well got my new tank on aint bolted or nothing yet cause of the rain but it looks alright until I fix my original.

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  • Clarke or IMS?

  • Brian I got white super scoops from maier USA. They have black sticker on each that says maier but nothing you can't peel off.

  • Thanks ill look again. Last time I checked it would only give me the red and black option

  • Weird, yeah I bought them in the last 3 months or less. They might be out of white? Google super scoops you will eventually find white.

  • I ordered my plastic fenders straight from zmperformance there cheaper than anybody including there own ad on fb and for bigger tank scoops its $11 more and if the order is over $99 its free shipping if I remember right.And the tank is a clark that I ordered off ebay I found the cheapest newest one and I found out why is because its not made right to put on the pegs u got to pry it on and to bolt it on in the rear u got to put one side halfway in and pry theother one in its a very tight fit but it works and it comes with tank tank cap and the threads do ur factory fuel cock will screw right on and I dont think its any bigger than the factory tank.

  • I didnt mean fb I meant ebay.

  • And yea when I bought my plastic from zmperformance my front fender and shrouds were not drilled but all I had to do is line it up and drill the holes it was no big deal I think it was that way cause they had none in stock and had to make them but I had them within 7-10 days after ordering.

  • I think if I have to get a plastic tank till I get my oem ones fixed I want IMS because it is "oversized" to 3.0 Gal where our stock ones aren't even 2 I think? But I haven't heard of many people, ANYONE who has ran IMS.

  • I haven't seen any of my buddys run a IMS tank either so I dont know the capacity.

  • I know they are 3 from researching different sales places. But I need to know fitment with shrouds and how it looks and stuff. Horrible marketing and advertising.