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    Well guys I fucked my motor up today I got married and went off riding on the X with my wife and something locked up so I guess ill have to save up and build it on up for next year hopefully ill get the big bore kit and extended swingarm.The first pic was about 3 minutes after it locked it sounded like chain came off so I cut it off snd went back there to check and it was on so I tried kicking it and it wont budge but I can put it in gear and roll it until it locks then it will kick but wont turn over so I guess im going to rebuild the whole engine.

    • Ouch needs a top end

    • That shouldn't ever happen are you sure thats the correct plug and correct gapping

    • Yep correct on all I think it dropped a valve I this picture the day after still aint tore it down just waiting to get some money up.

    • Take the valve cover off and see whats goin on in there

    • I took the valve caps off to where u tighten them and the exhaust side rockers moves but the intake side dont budge and cam still looks ok and cam chain still on but its locked.

    • Is it top dead center

    • Nope its almost but piston will go down if I put it in gear and roll it backwards but when I push it back forwards the piston comes up but not top dead center so im thinking a valve dropped. It stops about 1" from top dead center.

    • Ya I say just pull the top end off and look at it

    • Yea ill get to it eventually.

    • Mine was the same way when I bought it. A valve guide was broken and laying on top of the piston.