• Photos from James Roberts's post


    • Nc50?

    • Thank you it is spot on :)

    • NC 50 ? Used to have one of these ol beauties

    • Honda express. We have one at my work to pick up parts aha

    • Are they worth owning ?

    • I would buy it if I could haha.

    • Like I said I just want it to cruse around my home town

    • Yeah around town is good. But that's about it haha. Good to get to work and back ahha

    • Well work for me I don't have a job and if I had out would be about 45mins away from me so it would be just to go to ppls places go down the street shit like that really

    • Uses the same indicators as my CB500T.

      I would own that thing in a heartbeat. Its surprising macho for what it is!

      Just tell people that is it the great grandaddy of the Sachs madass and they'll straighten up in not time.