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Received the Micron exhausts today and they've been damaged in the post... Think the bracket from the link pipe has gone through the carbon. Any tips on how I can fix this?

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  • A Well placed sticker

  • Where are the straps fitted, if on that same spot you could protect the damage more easily.

  • Anyhow, i would def make a claim towards the courier company, i have had some damage on parts in the past got a refund (claim should be realistic though)

  • I've just looked at where the straps go, and it's literally in the inch right before the gash. Would this hole be under any type of pressure? Could I use a high temp silicone sealant to just fill the hole? Failing that, is there anyway I can move the straps up an inch? I could cut half inch off the link pipes, or maybe even the full inch, but it wouldn't leave much...

  • That way, the straps would cover the hole...

  • Indeed if you would do that and find proper material to do a surface repair i think it might hold as long as the straps covers it depends a bit on damage (it is from ouward towards inward, not the other way around as that would give immediate problems) will be a weak point anyhow but in that way you can use them.Not sure for how long though.

  • Hmm... As they are straight through, there isn't that much pressure inside right? I really don't want to start chopping down the link pipes if I don't have to.

  • It's a weak spot and as such the gasses will escape. Can you not return them to sender ?

  • Andrzej Rzeszut could fix that.