• Photos from Jason Greenly's post

    Got a little work done tonight. Really happy with the build so far.

    • 23" front 18x8.5 rear

    • Very nice, yeahhhh! I like it! ;)

    • Lol

    • Best looking shadow I ever saw

    • Gosh dang that's bad ass. It's top of the line bad ass. I love it.

    • I was typing the same thing. It is the best.

    • I still have this custom seat sitting in my closet if you would like it

    • I'd buy that

    • Just throwing it out there but kind of give you an idea what it would look like

    • I paid 350 for it and would let it go for a hundred

    • Se mira muy perrona

    • you paint looks abseutly awesome

    • nice

    • Super