Photos from Jason Hill's post

Anyone know what kinda frame this is and any information on it would be helpful it's for a friend he is not on fb.

  • Lol works shock need redone

  • Would be better to part it out or fixvit up?

  • Look on mine where the front motor mounts bolt, only 86 looked like that, now look at yours where front mounts go, 87-89 look like that. Now its not 87, because of the swing arm, 86 and 87 used the same swing arm with a void in between, where pivot bolt goes, because rear motor mount is incorporated there, and the are steel swing arms. 88 89 are aluminum and solid where the pivot bolt goes through the swing arm, because rear motor mounts are on the frame instead.

  • The difference in motors is 85 and 86 are short rod motor, that is 5mm shorter and location of the wrist pin on piston is 5mm up and the 6th gear is a little taller, 87-89 is a long rod motor, rod is 5mm longer, and wrist pin is located different and 6th gear is shorter.

    All motor parts inter change, but to use a 86 piston on a long rod motor it requires a spacer plate.

  • Pm me, I'll give you a run down of what its worth as is, fixed up or parted.

  • Its definitely a 85 atc bottom I have a 85 n the motor numbers match

  • Yea thats fine, short rod motor and taller gears is all. 85 86 are 10:1 compression and 87 are 10.5:1 due to a small difference in the way dome is cut.

  • well it's an 88 frame and from the looks of the motor it's either a replacement case or 88-89 lower.take a better pic of where the front motor mount bolt goes through the motor.

  • Ahh that's the difference in thw mount

  • It's a 85 bottom

  • They want to get rid of it