• Photos from Jay Boschert's post

    How cum every1 is posting there toys that arnt really CT110 related

    Well heres a few of mine on the go atm if any1 cares lol

    Pic1 me postie

    2 me resto project c50

    3-4 me v8

    5 me project hq ute

    6 me winter work hourse (not the dog)

    7 me daily bush bomb lol

    • That C50!!!!!!

    • Indeed! Keep us up to date with the C50 buddy, very interested to see how it brushes up. :)

    • Think of making it all custom pimped out haha, but i think id like it all origanl really, will c how things turn out anyway

    • As for the non-postie related posts, I put a photo up of my CT110 with my Honda City in the background and people ran with it.

      I thinks its cool because it shows that we are a diverse bunch.

    • Jay, It's because we can.... variety is the spice of life mate ;)

    • 4 of my toys :p

    • Nah ute i shoulda said lol