• Photos from Jay Murray's post

    Done my bars & grips as I had a free day.

    • You drill the locating holes like I told ya?

    • I did no drilling

    • Unless they already had holes pre drilled then the consoles will most likely spin around the bars .

    • You've got them at a weird angle, it's not going to be comfortable on your wrists.

    • I need to bring them back a bit. Gonna do it another as it's raining.

    • It's the right way to go! Otherwise you have to over tighten the screws and they'll fail, then you throttle grip spins freely.

    • So is there for locking on the brackets?

    • Jay Murray - that's why you drill the holes

    • Lol cool it will be done.

    • 5mm holes precisely. Best drill a pilot hole and enlarge it so you don't slip.