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Guys I need help with a pit bike I bought. I know nothing about them. I'm wondering if anyone or if you know anyone that can help me get this up to scratch. I think it needs a new loom, fuel pipe, and a full makeover. I'm in Crawley (Gatwick) I am willing to pay for help. I don't trust pit bike site as there mostly little kids lol.

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  • I know it is bashed like an old hooker lol

  • Should a given him £100 Cash or a kick in the teeth

  • Lol yeah true. I got money to waste so no big deal lol.

  • I think the trick is to figure which original Japanese bike yours is based on. Once you know that, all parts for that type should more or less fit. Does it at least start?

  • Both!

  • I'll take some of your spare money off ya

  • Yeah I bet you will mate lol

  • Looks like a lifan engine. Could be something like a Stomp In which case spares can be gotten here :P

  • I'd start by taking the carburetor off and taking the bowl off, then taking the jets out then putting all of that in a bowl or tup of carburetor cleaner

  • Thank you Chris be nice if it is a stomp.

  • All my tools are in storage at the moment. I will strip it down after a clean.

  • If you look on eBay they sell looms for pitbikes for £32 I've just bought one for my drift trike project it comes with everything stator the lot