• Photos from Jean-Louis Gayot's post

    This is the last one leaving the Paris Moto Classique ´s workshop... Every time we are a little bit sad to see them leaving the place where we so much took care of them...

    • Nice looking

    • Yes or K3 I'd have to re-check the numbers to be sure...same as my original 450 that I bought new back then...:)

    • Excellent

    • Ronny Rönning is right... It is a K1 french version, named "export model" on the HONDA japan catalog. On each french model (K0 to K5!) we had these rear fenders (so difficult to find today... all over the world, we can't find them). Even italian models had not these fenders... Why ? If somebody can answer to that question... welcome!

    • But I discover the fenders are the same on the Stewart Ross ' bike ! Where does it come from?

    • It's an Australian model...similar to the early ones but chromed not painted...there were many differences Worldwide...same year bikes might have different guards, front brakes, exhausts, tanks and fuel caps, seats etc. Must have been a spares nightmare for Honda...and for restorers as well...;)

    • Australia usually follows European spec...or certainly did with similar vintage Kawasakis.

    • Yes but designation was U from memory...:)

    • It 's the proof that we learn each day we leave! ;-)

    • She's gorgeous for sure.