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    My 2007 Shadow 750 Spirit. I am thinking about selling it because I got a bigger bike but part of me wants to keep it.

    • No, thanks. I think I'm going to keep her.

    • All good . Trying to get rid of it cuz I'm gonna buy this

    • 1800cc beast. Sexy sexy sexy

    • How much for 750 if you sell got a friend looking for a bike

    • KBB is $2600 and that's stock. I have Bags. matching Windshield, Vance and Hines long shot pipes. V&H rejet and its 2002 with 9500miles runs amazing. I have NEVER had to choke it. I can not run it for a week and then hit electric start and it starts every time on first push. U tell me

    • What is the average price for America this bike? 2009-2014

    • Gonna sell mine for a motor for this

    • Whats the bigger bike ...

    • I got a Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster Custom.