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had to change my headstock bearings(old ones had rusted where this bike had been left standing in the rain for years) decided to try the tapered ones by all balls heres how it went. start by tapping out the races in the head with a long screwdriver or similar.then the lower race has to come of the stem. i could not get it to move so i had to cut a notch with a grinder so i could tap it and then twist it off.had the new races in the freezer overnight this shrinks them a bit to ease install.tapped the top one in with a hammer and block of wood and the same with the bottom and then used a old chisel handle to drive the bottom one all the way.then put the new bearings on the stem using the old ball race as a washer and driving it on with a length of it got hard, the top cap has raised edges in and the bearing wont sit right so i had to make a spacer from one of the old ball races with a grinder.that made every thing went back together.before i started this i looked on the internet and couldnt find any help for tapered bearings on a rebel! would i use them again? no. there is too much hassle involved. next time i will just buy new ball bearing ones. hope this helps someone

  • I want to do the samething on my bike it feel kind of loose it shakes alittle so im thinking that that could be the problem

  • try adjusting it first

  • Whats the easiest way to adjust with removing all the ligths and stuff cables ??

  • The top tree will lift up high enough to get to the adjuster nut. I have done it with a screw driver. The nut is right under the upper triple tree.

  • How did you know this was a problem?

  • if your headstock needs adjustment you will feel it when you ride, there will be a slight judder through the forks right up to the handle bars. but it will get to a point where you tighten the top flange and its just too tight and still it judders. thats the time to look at replacing the bearings

  • and as i said in this post avoid the all balls tapered bearings, if someone knows any different then please add a comment. until then i wont use them again

  • I was curious because I have something loose, but I don't know what is loose. I shake things and I look, but I cannot find wear marks not can I make anything move.

  • im no expert. but, if you can get the front wheel off the ground. at this point any severe movement will tell you if you need to do an adjustment( look at the flange with notches under the top yolk and give it a turn) if after tweaking it you still feel severe vibration, then, you might need new races.

  • The all balls kits have always worked for me. The trick is to freeze the bearings in your freezer overnight and heat the neck pockets with a torch; the heat expands the neck and the cold shrinks the bearing enough for them to pretty much slide right in with minimum pounding.

  • yeah they were pretty fine except for the top flange with the raised notches. how did you get over this?