• Photos from Jim Wilson's post

    What can say !! We're are here you are not !!!

    You come to our next Rebel Meet !!

    • No , Nomad , Kawasaki,

    • Spinal injury. sorry mates.

    • Got it

    • Ok i will come if you pay my tickets to ship my bike from holland :p

    • Just curious

    • Everybody thought it was great,

      All though visitor center not open on

      Sat. Hard to believe !! An Golden Corral

      Out of business, an a scooter with us

      Broke down !! Smoked a relay !!

      An oldest motorcycle club in America

      Was not open !! But return ride was good

      An dry !!! An fast on my CBR !!

    • I went there over Memorial Day weekend and the visitor center was open that day? they must have known the rebels were would be arriving that day

    • So did scooter get going

    • No scooter, silver wing did not make it had to come back with trailer !!

    • Some times Rebel Riders reputation does preceide

      There arrival !! Did eat at ok rib joint !!

      Called Ribber , close to downtown !!

    • Scioto Ribber