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I finish this last fall.

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  • Sweet

  • Nice proportions..

  • Can you guys not see the lack of front fork travel?

  • So, you are just making assumption that it is made wrong, and you can't get past it, and you are just act sanctimoniously about it until you have enough people around you?

  • Class bike,

  • I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • I can see plainly that the front end has insufficient travel - unless it has had extensive internal modification. If you guys disagree thats entirely fine by me , but in my opinion that front end has the potential to kill the rider. To promote that as being something that is good is simply dangerous. The rest of the bike is fantastic , one of the best cafe conversions I have seen lately - but not safe to ride like that. But what would I know , eh ?

  • It has all the travel I need. Maybe not the travel you or anyone else needs, but it's perfect for me. I would know... I'm the guy that designed and built it and have several hundred miles on her. I didn't know I would be trolled on my first post here. Are you done?

  • Great looking job.

  • So, what did you do to solve the problem?

    Do you have uprated springs? How many kg/mm?

    Or do you just go in a straight line, never brake, and only ride on perfect roads?

    These aren't troll questions, we actually know what the *redacted* we are talking about.

    There is no doubt, it is a really good looking bike.

    There is also no doubt that the travel you have there is dangerous to anyone who rides the bike if you have not done serious internal modifications to the forks.

  • Don't be an asshole! You could have made your point without dropping the F bomb.

  • You're that asshole that goes to a car show and yells out to everyone HEY! this guy doesn't have a brake booster on his car!

  • Fine. Fixed. Question still stands.

  • Too late. Your are just rude!

  • Oh well. Question still stands, or are you one of these people who builds without any actual knowledge of how motorcycles work? You know, fork dive, rebound, compression, rake, trail, etc.

  • Coooool!

  • Great lookin' build. You kept the air box, yes? Like I did so it runs right. Front end looks cool, but comments about suspension travel probably good advice.

  • There's no denying it's a great looking bike, I can't comment on the fork travel though, I don't know if you've carried out any mods there, my only worry would be that you don't seem to have a front fork brace, does that affect handling?

  • I've had no fork issues and I think it handles just fine with limited travel. It's all custom so it's give and take where you can. This was a long process of riding and adjusting several times until it was right for me.

  • beautiful!

  • Lovely