• Photos from João Rocha's post

    Hello guys what do you think if I put aluminum panniers on my grom like this ones?

    • ^^ Rezzie Razzie

    • Matt Lloyd u got meee!! Ahahaha

    • Haha :)

    • checkout StrayDogs touring grom.. he lives in France.. he made this setup.. http://www.hondagrom.net/forum s/27-grom-builds/2350-stray-do g-s-touringrom-build-5.html

    • I will try to do ones :D thank you guys ;)

    • I can't wait to see pics when it is done.

    • If u work this out let me know. I want.

    • Where to get these?

    • Sure why not! Pics when done please!

    • Awesome

    • Where can you buy them

    • Rezzie Razzie

    • Too slow already tagged