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1986 350x big bore with Dura blue extended axle , nice tires and wheels has DG pipe, k&n air filter. head light guard, skid plate and chain protector. 6 speed, lights hi and low works, Choke works as it should. Shes very fast. Its geared for the woods now but comes with another sprocket for top end if desired. also included are the original exhaust, original axle, another body and rear fenders. also extra front wheel and tire. for sale $3200 I've had her for 5 to 6 years and hate to sell, but need the money. selling everything together if someone wants to go back stock with it. Thxs! I'm in WNC

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  • ill do a lot more then that but I need pics lol

  • No cracks in either ones on bike or extras . but it all goes together in case someone wrecks it they will have it all to fix it.

  • I'm really glad to see someone keeping a bike together and not parting it out! As if there are one trikes on every street corner to be had, just drives the price higher with every one parted out

  • Don't sell to plp who will part it out!

  • once they ride it they will not want to part it out! way to fun!!

  • Yes they will it's all about the money to some people

  • Don't count on that!! Just look at plp trying to buy it.

  • No one wanted to part the bike out we wanted the extra parts

  • Well good thing I bout a sled! My 350x isn't gonna move!!!

  • ^