• Photos from Joe Hughes's post

    I have a few 86 OEM parts. I don't need anymore and I would like them to go to someone who will use them. Let me know what your intrested in, and we can work something out. I will ship anywhere as long as you pay the shipping too.

    • I like that seat better than mine off my '15

    • cuanto por las direcciobales

    • Do you want all 4 or just the front?

    • las delanteras

    • I will do $35 plus shipping.

    • $25 usd plus shipping.

    • inbox

    • Where you shipping from

    • Me interesa el faro principal

    • Salt lake Utah.

    • $45 usd plus shipping. It is the limited edition. It has gold around it.

    • How much for rear fender assembly

    • $65 sound fair?

    • Los espejos retrovisores cuánto?

    • $15 usd plus shipping.