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Been doing some more polishing. Need to figure out how to tackle the brake reservoir.

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  • Trust me try the 0000 steel wool for the chrome I use it on all my chrome when it gets build up on it then polish or paint the elbows black it's an easy quick fix your looking for

  • Just trying to save you money bro

  • I've got to run by the hardware store tomorrow for a few stainless steel screws so I'll grab steel wool. Thanks for input.

  • Not a prob man I use the 0000 steel wool on my wheels alot almost make my spokes look polished

  • If the steel wool doesn't work, I use silver spray paint. I spray a bunch into a cup, then use a small kids water color type brush to paint them silver. You don't have to really brush it on. If you load the brush up with a lot, as soon as you touch the rusted metal piece, it will flow out on all over the metal without having to brush. It looks amazingly better.

  • The salt air and humidity is a bitch on a bike.

  • That chrome is long gone. I would skip steel wool and go straight to paint.

  • Dremmel tool with a wire wheel works wonders to

  • And I'd rough it up then go black myself jmo though good luck

  • What do you think about a light gray or silver paint?

  • I think either would be fine a big improvement from the rust.