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    Selling my 4 lug universal rims. Great conditions & tires are new all around. Asking $350 obo

    • How are you selling the car for?!

    • For the whole car it's not fully done needs engine work. I have all the parts for it tho

    • Alright thank you

    • No problem (:

    • You need a running car?

    • Joel Salazar yes I do..

    • I can finish getting my car ready & I'll sell it to you for $700

    • If you don't find anything by then (:

    • Fix it. Honda's are good cars

    • Joel Salazar alright and that would be great thank you..

    • No problem just message me

    • Joel Salazar thank you and sure will..

    • Kk sounds good (:

    • Size on rims

    • 17's