• Photos from John Forsythe's post

    It's been 9 months and I can finally say that I am finished. (Never really finished ) Time to share a few before and after pictures.

    • Best pipes ever. You should sell them.

    • Looks gorgeous

    • Dude you rocked it!

    • Yep, certainly up there with the very best of 'em.

    • Stand tall. That is excellent work. Well done very well done

    • Now i want a red one too-LOL Pipes are GREAT.

    • Amazing, the last 9 months have really paid off.

    • Great job. Enjoy the ride

    • Like you Paul, I think I need another project. I also finished up my other project last week.

    • This was the other project

    • John I have had projects almost all my life. There is always something to do. Always up for the challenge.....

    • That's nice too!

      Would love to get a 350 SL one day.

    • I started this project to have a bike for running errands. Then realised how slow it would be. I was looking for a sl 350 when I stumbled across the Cl 450 and that was it!

    • best looking 450 I've seen , nice work!