Photos from John Kinchella's post

I've started to make this 'game' who wants to join in and get a pack of these at the end? It will of course cost money... About £10 but it will be printed professionally and be all about uk groms EDIT: post a picture of Grom below (rider can be included) must be 1:1 scale 'square'

  • On tires slick, grip saying city grips 85% conti 70% or something

  • Now she's on city grips, but too lazy to take another picture.

  • Saw your post on slamber city earlier

  • 26 of December was last night

  • I'll get a good shot in the next few days & get it over

  • If it's not too late here's one for the pack

  • I'm definitely a black orange, yellow or gold combo. Like this too

  • Kyle what was the story behind this again?

  • Or that one.. Doesn't have my new tail tidy tho

  • Stolen by a bunch of pikey cunts and then I'm assuming it was ragged about till the tank was empty then set on fire, found it a week after it got stolen lost about £500 on mods and had to pay £700 in excess to get a new one but it looked like this when I found it, good old Chinese break leaver, was the only thing that survived lol

  • How did you get the video of it on fire?!

  • you decided on the scoring system yet? my offer of doing the statistics is still open :)

  • It's only a photo but a guy that walks his dog around there just happened to walk past when I went to check the frame numbers (I know it wasn't him he showed me the whatsapp conversation lol) and as much as I hate the photo I do love it because it just looks cool and as far as I know I'm the only person that has a photo of their bike on fire, not that that's a good thing lol

  • Best I have at the moment, need a dry day so I can take one without the L's!

  • Ok I'm not making it at this point but send me one in the next couple of weeks

  • Otherwise I'll just use that one

  • Ok mate, I'll see if I can get out on a good weather day ;)