• Photos from John Latham's post

    Just found rust

    • Take the arm out clean it up apply paint where you can and acf50 where you can't. Or just put up with it.

    • hopefully I will be walking in a few weeks so I can clean it

    • The paintwork on the frames is shocking! You can see these are built to a price

    • True story! Same for a few components. Stock exhaust is absolutely crap. 6 months and <1k miles.

      http://i74.photobucket.com/alb ums/i264/a_morti/MSX125/Condit ion%206%20months/IMG_1314.jpg

    • Yea that's why mines a dry bike ;)

      You can understand on exhausts as they get hot and are in the firing line when it comes to the elements. A lot of pipe makers won't warrant their parts for corrosion, even if they are stated as stainless!

    • Stainless pipes just tarnish they'll never rust through.

      That downpipe shown has a seriously limited life expectancy.

    • Use this you only need a little bit £17.00 for a can of it last a long time we'll worth it

    • my inlaw is gunna buy some for the family to use lol, hes taking delivery of a yammy sr400 beginning of march

    • But don't spray it on your disc brakes whatever you do !

    • I leave my bike out side in all whethers and I ant came across that yet

    • Jake £17 a can where are you buying that? That's a rip off! I pay £9 although that is with my discount

    • Motorbike shop by me and oh well its only £17.00

    • Definitely recommend ACF50, top stuff. Just dont get it on brakes or the seat gets a bit slippy! Smells lovely and works a treat!