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I have clutch questions to. I pull lots of trailer weigh when camping. And it feels like my wet clutch is slipping good. I have questions as to what's more common. The friction clutch wearing. Or the drum and shoes of the wet clutch?

Also what ratios of reductions are there. I need pulling power for my camping trips. I don't really mud bog but am in mud some.

I run 26" bighorn 2.0.

And I'm sure with bike.. Dual riders.. Trailer. Gear... Has to be over 1200lbs... Haha.

I have a teardown schedualed with my mechanic for November. Being in Canada I use the bike until first snowfall.. That's anywhere from oct to dec.

So I'm planning on.. Gear reduction... Wet clutch drum and shoes.. Snorkel kit for the airbox. And maybe a warn 4-2-4 for the front diff

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  • Gear reductions are 23.5% and 55% I've had both in my bike personally, with the 26" bighorns the 23.5% would be great for some pulling power

  • Hey Austin. Did u do the swap out urself? Have u ever had wet clutch issues? Mines getting sloppy. Almost like my ex!

  • Yeah, I did both of mine

  • How much time for the per rebuild? Did u do any other work when u opened it up? Was it tiugh

  • I replaced my clutch pack, but other than that nothing, and it wasn't too hard, I had never taken an engine apart until I put my 23.5% in and it took me about 4 hours, the 55%, different story

  • What brand of clutch packs?

    What's top end speed with the 55 reductiom

  • I did vesrah, ordered all the pieces separate on eBay for like $78 verses the kit they sell for $120

  • Top speed on the speedometer says 32, 5th gear

  • But I've got 31" outlaws