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    Ok 420 brothers and sisters.. This may be asking a lot but I was trying to buy shock covers for my 2015 rancher from this place on ebay . Only way of communication was through eBay all my questions were answered with snotty or sarcastic answers and never was given a straight answer. So I'm asking you guy's to ask seller a question in ebay asking for the covers I wanted I'll show you in the picture. Maybe something in it for you if we can get to the bottom of this first person only .

    • So what are you asking man?

    • Asking people. to ask seller how to get the red cover with the TRX logo.

    • Can't find them anywhere or in check out you can't pick out witch one you want

    • They have to make them there right there

    • Hmmm. If I had an eBay account I'd check for you

    • I'll buy you a set for your 4x4 if you can find out . Those people are ridiculous . They don't even respond anymore . Tried explaining exactly what I was talking about. Gave them my number and email nothing

    • Seems to be the only guy that carries them, prolly better off going to a site online, like Motorsport.com