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Got the bike. Lots more stuff than I thought.

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  • Not to sidetrack too much, but at what point does the Rev limiter kick in on the later V65's? I have an 85.

  • There is no rev limiter, if there is mine is broken, she has screamed at over 11,000.....

  • Only 1983 had no limiter. If yours doesn;t you may have non stock cdi boxes

  • mine is an 83.

  • OK, that solves that mystery. lol

  • That's why I'm wondering. Missed a shift in the spring. Caught it quickly, but my 85 went past 11k.

  • they can just not for too long.

  • I always figured (I hope correctly) that as long as went into and not beyond the red zone it's OK. I mean momentarily, not sustained. Actually, I once missed a shift while aggressively accelerating my VF750 and it went all the way to what must have been 11.5 to12 grand. Didn't seem to hurt it, but I was pretty anxious. I wouldn't want to ever do it again.

  • You know it's funny. People keep saying that 83 V65's did not come in black.


    We have documented a couple of occasions where 83 V65's are black. Mine included, and it looks factory.

    What gives?

  • I cleaned up the side cover he gave me. The side of it has drips. I do not think it is a factory paint job. Plus is has sparkle in it. The side cover is in excellent condition with all 3 mounts in tact and not repaired.