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Took a ride out to a local bike meet. The meet was the usual rubbish with the 'my bike is best' type conversations but the roads getting there were breathtaking. I cannot take credit as TomTom chose my path. I take credit for choosing the right satnav

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  • What model tomtom have you, I just got the tomtom rider 40,

  • The v5 or 2013 as it's sometime known. lovely bit of kit as it takes me to some stunning places

  • Great bike btw

  • It is now. Just the right amount of mods to transform it from commuter to world traveller

  • Looks fab Jon, I have a friend who lives in Portland in Oregon and his pictures look fabulous...might be worth a look if your heading that way

  • Hitting all 50 states so that suggestion has gone into my little book

  • He did live in San Francisco but got fed up with sunshine every day... I know the feeling well living in Sunderland

  • Do you have a blog or page to follow your trip please

  • Ha. I'll take your word on that.

  • Sure. It's

  • How did they regard the CBF Jon?

  • To be honest out of all the 11 states I've been through so far California is the one that has no interest in outsiders. It's beautiful but no where near as friendly as any of the other states.

  • Unless you were talking about their bike there wasn't much in the way of conversation

  • Oh I see. Trumpets. lol

  • They like to blow their own.

  • I thought a visa only covers a stay of 90 days in the US, how do you get round that John

  • I spent 6 months applying for a 10 year multiple entry visa. Thankfully I was given one such visa

  • Thanks for the info.