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Ok guys and gals got a minor / major issue will post pics to show detail. But notice yesterday when doing weekly maintenance that one side of my license plate is cracked all the way and the other side is almost there. Now I A don't wanna lose my plate but not sure if I'm riding her to hard lmao or over tightened the bolts holding my plate on. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Vibrations case this on Rebels An GZ 250s

  • I'm thinking a drill an some zip ties for now will fix an atleast I can ride till I figure out a more permanent fix

  • Thank you everyone for y'all experience and guidance

  • I've lost two plates to this same problem. Another rider friend of mine said to put a rubber washer between the metal so it doesn't vibrate as bad. I've yet to do this but good luck!

  • Me too same problem. Haven't done shit about it.

  • same story...

  • Use rubber washers

  • I put a 1in×1/8in aluminum vertically and put bolts and big washers top and bottom.

  • Holds pretty good.

  • My license plate / plate holder broke three times. As she's always losing screws, parts et cetera I got used to it that she likes shaking like my Harley. ;) Always have tape and cable straps with me and supported the plate holder with a metal plate. ;)

  • Get or make a backing plate. It will cure that problem for good.

    Bolt all 4 corners to the plate. Top 2 to the bike. Bottom 2 through plate and backer.