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Just got back from a little night ride. I just got this 04 spirit not long ago and didn't enjoy riding too much because of there always being so many cars around me making me nervous (I didn't grow up around bikes, besides my grandpa but he lived far away and I wasn't close to him so I only rode a bike once or twice before I got my own) anyways I decided tonight to go out since traffic isn't as bad and absolutely loved it. Went down the highway and into town made a few loops and came back. Best time of my life and definatly gonna ride the rest of my life, just gonna get used to cars but for now I'll ride at night. Oh yeah and that's my stepdad 06 goldwing. And is there a chrome piece that goes around the ignition?

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  • np Take care!!

  • Take her out on the weekdays just after rush hour when there's the least traffic but still cars on the road so you can familiarize with how retarded people are when you're on a bike

  • I've went out a few times during the day and evening. And never had a problem, but I'm still learning alot about riding a bike period so it's nice to get out with no cars just to get familiar with turning and such.

  • Take a safety course. The stuff you learn is crucial

  • I'm going soon to take the bumpus bike course to get my license and learn. Just wanting to get pretty good first so I don't fail the riding portion.

  • One tip I had trouble with and learned the hardway (crashing at 70mph) slow down on curves before you enter,don't brake at all while in a high speed curve situation lean into it and throttle slowly

  • Yeah I've watched some YouTube videos and some reading, scary stuff when it comes to quick curves. Saw some stuff about counter turning a little while leaning? Looked really sketchy but worked for him.

  • Ya at 65-70+ you kinda have to turn bars oposite way of lean. Don't put yourself in the position of riding past your ability/comfort zone ride side streets then work up to 45mph roads then so on. Do you wear leather and helmet?

  • That's what I'm doing, rode up and down the driveway (about half a mile) for a few days then up and down the road in front of my house a few days. Right now I'm fairly comfortable at 60 on most of the roads here. Helmet yes. I don't have any leather at the moment. Don't really know where to look or what to get.

  • What brand of helmet? I suggest arai of you can afford it. When I wrecked the medics told me if I hadn't had that much of a quality helmet I would not have survived. Leather wise check out Milwaukee leather jackets ,they have a removable lining so you can be warmer/ dry on cold days and take liner out when it's hot and has lots of zipper vents and pistol pocket on each side if you carry... Mesh jackets melt to your skin when you slide on pavement leather doesn't

  • I'll look into it. Been wearing my stepdads extra helmet that came with the gold wing. But looking into getting my own.

  • Rider safety training will help you. Also look out for #1 brother!! Cagers don't always look out for us, so try to stay out of a cars Blindspot. Riding a motorcycle will also make you a better cager, because you'll be more alert for bikes on the road as well! :-)

  • Just go out and ride ... but with your brain turned on

  • Whay size apes are thoes

  • When you ride a bike you have got to be a defensive driver keep your eye on the other person in the car

  • 16inch

  • Just ride like nobody can see you. Plan on every car pulling out in front of you, cutting you off, ect. Always have an "out"!