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flipped a stoppie today, what is everyone doing about this cheap setup? almost 400 miles on it :p

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  • Can get some decent rearsets online

  • how much did that run you?

  • only ones i'm seeing are 300+

  • Dads friend did it for free

  • I keep on seeing them on ebay

  • is it aluminum?

  • Erm not sure have a look theres loads

  • Could get our CNC TYGA ones

  • that would definitely set me back... i ordered a oem for now. if i break it again ima see if i can't just get it welded.

  • The rear set are week for good reason, if yours didn't break you could have damage your frame. If you are stunting I would recommend getting crash bars made for it.

  • Yeah its on the list of "I wish I hads"

  • Don't do stoppies. Lucky to get away with just that!

  • Bilerzbits has brand new oem rearsets for 20€ a side. I recommend them.

  • At £60 they will be crap decent rear sets are around the £300 mark on a lot on bikes

  • I recommend the rear sets I had on my GPZ chop, yup artillery shells.

  • Why is that?

  • Kev tech and there are lil tabs on your pegs grind them down so your pegs actually go up all the way when they hit. Helps out ive broke mine twice