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Hi all! Greetings from Iowa! It's still pretty chilly here but I decided to pull the sabre out of storage for some pre season repairs. I've only had it a year and a half, and only rode it last summer with a few issues. It runs pretty decent, but I'll be pulling the carbs for a good cleaning along with a tune up. I need to repair the voltage regulator wiring (again) as I see it's done some more melting. Upon inspection it needs fork seals, front calipers are a little sticky so they'll be getting rebuilt, fuel petcock leaks when in any position but "ON" and dispite rebuilding the clutch master & slave cylinder, and countless bleeding procedures last year it still seems to have air in the line somewhere. And once it's back in tip top shape I might do a few cosmetic things, it's pretty rough on the edges but point a-b is the main concern.

  • I am now in SW Iowa after being in NW Iowa for the past eight years!!! Looking forward to riding my V-65 Sabre this spring after replacing the rear shock and a tune-up

  • I hear you, Fred Matlage !

  • It is not much warmer up here in NE Iowa either... too much sand and salt to get any of my 2 wheelers out...

  • Yes Brian, but N.E. Iowa is fabulous and beautiful landscape. Great place ride in summer. I am jealous :)

  • I'm not trying to tell you how to do your repairs but you can save money by just soldering and shrink tubing the yellow wires, could also add about four inches of the same gauge while your at it to help when needing to get the battery out. the calipers can and more than likely be taken apart and clean the seal groove out with a wire brush on a dremal tool. The masters you have to make sure the bleed hole which is real tiny be clear of anything or no matter what you throw at it you won't get them to bleed right. The fuel on off can be taken apart and just put little O-rings in it after cleaning the corrosion.. Maybe this is your plan idk

  • Well someone before me kept cutting the yellow wires back, one is less than an inch of original wire left. I have already soldered one, and a temporary butt connector on another one that'll be soldered once I get to it. I'm a diesel/tractor mechanic so I'm pretty familiar with fixing stuff but bikes are new to me.

    Another thing! The warning light / display doesn't seem to work, the light doesn't come on, maybe just a bulb, probably, but the display rolls through all the warnings, won't display the gear indicator, and they won't go away when you hit the reset button. Any ideas on that?

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  • Can anybody tell me what to use for fork oil in this thing? I haven't taken it apart yet but I want to get everything together. I know I've seen people use regular motor oil, but when I did the seals on my buddies 85 nighthawk he bought fork oil for me to put back into it. My sabre is an 82 if that makes a difference, I don't have a manual yet to tell me what it takes is why I ask.

  • 10w fork oil or Dexron tranny fluid. I have heard some guys use 15w fork fluid for a little different feel.

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