Photos from Jordan Paulsen's post

Some progress made and some more teardown going on. New fork seals put in today, moved factory bars below the top tree, taking off stock front turns and mirrors in favor of a turn signal/mirror combo. The gauges look a bit high for the position of the bars but I think it'll be fine with the mirrors on. Brake calipers are pulled off to be rebuilt now. Might pull the carbs and clean them this week if it stays warm. And don't let the pictures fool you, the paint on this thing isn't very good. Lots of damage to the tank, side panels are really nasty looking, but mostly little dents and scratches here and there. Going to repaint black with red flake or a candy to show red through it.

**added pics of handlebar to tank clearance in comments**

  • curious as to the tires? what brand are they?

  • Both are "Challenger" by Kenda. They came on the bike, rear tire needs replaced now, it's on the list.

  • might have to look into kenda's...i like the look of them.

  • They seem to ride nice to me, the front tire was almost new when I got the bike, and only one season of riding it so far, this coming will be the second. I'll probably be getting the same rear tire to keep them matched for now.

  • Left handle bar clearance

  • Right bar clearance.