• Photos from Jose A. Moreno Santos's post

    • Enhorabuena que la disfrutes mucho y bien gaaaaaaaaasssssssssss

    • Jetzt noch einen Sportendtopf, Motorschutz und Windabweiser und die Kiste sieht gut aus

    • Gran moto

    • Very nice!

      One thing I wish mine had the 3 traction control modes...

    • Congratulations !!!

    • También tiene un gran consumo.por lo menos la mía que es dct

    • Shame to get it dirty.

    • Ask if they can update the software at Honda.

    • Your joking....?

      It's actually possible!????

    • Holy shit, please tell me it's true!!???

    • I'm almost sure it's possible. I asked them to upgrade my DCT with only 1 sport mode to the new 2 modes. They replied that as soon as they get the new software they will do it.


    • I will definitely be looking into that! Thank-you very much for that information!!

    • I just rang a dealership & the service manager said no that's not true, no possible :'(

      Wimpie are you able to find out some more info & let me know?

    • ¡Felicitaciones! Le deseo mucha alegria y ve con cuidado... :-)

    • bella moto ma consuma moltissimo! 14 km/L!